Life is full of possibilities and variations. Through the stories of InkSundae, you may see this fabulous world from a slightly different view. Maybe you can see something overlooked in everyday life or undiscovered inner-self. The more we understand ourselves, no matter it is bright or dark, the more we can move forward. InkSundae would like to fuel you up like a refreshing sundae, with some tiny doodles.

生活充滿著各種可能性與變化,由 InkSundae 的小故事,你可以用稍微不同的角度,去看看這個多姿多采的世界。你可能看到平日忽視了的事物,或未曾發現的自我內心。當我們更了解自己,不論是美好的還是黑暗的,我們才能繼續向前走。 InkSundae 希望以小小的塗鴉,替你辛勞的日子注入一點能量,猶如一杯清新的聖代。

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